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About Us

Welcome to Informação Prática, the virtual nook where myths and legends converge. We are passionate about the tales that have shaped generations, and we believe that the roots of a tree tell much about the beauty of its fruits and leaves. Just like a tree, our world is deeply influenced by ancestral stories. Here, we delve deeply into Norse, African, and Indigenous mythologies to bring you the richness and diversity of these traditions.

Over the years, we, the creators of this blog, have traveled, studied, and experienced many of the traditions and ceremonies we now share with you. Every tale, every god, every symbol has a story behind it, and we are committed to bringing these stories to you in the most authentic manner. Imagine us as storytellers around a campfire, where each spark is a new discovery and every flame, an adventure from the past.

We believe that knowledge of these mythologies is not just an exercise in nostalgia or a fascination for the past. On the contrary, they offer lessons, values, and wisdom that are profoundly relevant even in our modern age. In an era of globalization and rapid change, turning to these ancestral stories is like finding a safe harbor, a reminder that humanity has always found ways to explain, value, and celebrate life.

The name “Informação Prática” was not chosen at random. Yes, we bring information, but we also want you to see how these stories can be applied and felt in your daily life. Whether seeking inspiration, understanding more about your cultural identity, or simply nourishing your soul with rich tales, our goal is to make the ancient accessible and relevant to you.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. May the stories of gods, heroes, and ancestors inspire and light your path. And remember: just like trees, we are all connected by the roots of the stories we tell. Welcome to our grove of myths and legends.